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Litwin Productions 

Wood, Metal, & Stone; fine crafts made from the things you love!
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Welcome to our website

Do you like custom artisanal quality products? We do, and we love to offer our preferred designs or customize something for you directly. The world has so many natural products to choose from, metal, wood, and stone, and our love of the craft blends all three of these (and more) to bring our customers renewed joy at the simple and elegant things in life. 

There are so many great things to make, and not enough time! Seriously though, we love what we do. People enjoy our charcuterie and cutting boards. They come back to get simple children's toys made of natural products. Utility tools like knives, and we also love to make jewelry, from earrings to custom rings and wedding bands with special crystals and stones imbedded within.

Do you have hand me downs, wooden or steel items that you would like incorporated, in whole or part, into a modern custom piece that becomes your value-added memento? We are happy to help. 

We also excel at building infrastructure. Tables and shelves, and helping your workspace be organized and ready for your own DIY magic. We are happy to lend a hand to build your workspace out. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are happy to offer our premade items, book a consultation on what you need, or just get right to work helping you directly.

Get Inspired

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